Luigi's Team

Luigi's Team

Below you find all the information about "Luigi's Team". We breed Retrievers to Poodles to produce Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle are great for most people with allergies. They are extremely smart and easy to train. All our dogs have passed their health clearances before breeding.

Gender: Male

Height: 28''

Weight: 55 Lbs

Date of Birth: 10.04.2014 (6 y/o)


Luigi is a large, parti-colored Standard Poodle with a confident demeanor and a great amount of love for his family and other dogs who he meets around town. He is very physically fit and has a perfect temperament. Luigi loves to play with the rest of his pack and is great with children. He is protective by instintct but has the sweetest heart and is not at all aggressive.

Luigi came to our home from a reputable breeder and is registered with a purebred pedigree from the AKC. He comes from a long line of well-bred Standard Poodles with perfect health records.

Finally Luigi is an amazing swimmer and excellent at playing with a ball.

He has "OFA hips" certified as Excellent

Gender: Female

Height: 23''

Weight: 50 Lbs

Date of Birth: 13.05.2014 (6 y/o)


Lucee is a red F1 female English Goldendoodle who is very playful and loves to swim and play fetch. She has a strong, stocky build with a short muzzle and is very fast and athletic. Lucee is as sweet and loving of a dog as you will ever find, and she is absolutely gorgeous. She is very eager to please and is energetic and full of life.

Lucee is active, cheerful, outgoing, friendly, social, and agile. She is an absolutely gorgeous example of an English  Goldendoodle. Lucee’s mother is a large purepred English Golden Retriever with excellent bloodlines, and her father is a purebred Standard Poodle with a superb body structure who also comes from amazing bloodlines.

Lucee loves to swim with the rest of her family and is one of the best at playing catch with a tennis ball, and she is excited to have puppies of her own as she continues to grow.

She has "OFA hips" certified as Good

Gender: Female

Height: 23''

Weight: 45 Lbs

Date of Birth: 09.06.2014 (6 y/o)


America is a party-colored F1b female Goldendoodle with an affectionate demeanor who is very curious and courageous. She is the youngest of our adult dogs, and has always been a quick learner in training. America is very athletic with a strong, stocky build. She is very intelligent and kindhearted.

America loves to play with other dogs and humans, and she is always eager to socialize with our young puppies. She has independent characteristics, but also enjoys the company of others, especially when she is getting her belly scratched.

America came to us from a renowned breeder, and is from impressive bloodlines with both the sire and dam registered with the CKC.
America will make a wonderful mother when the time comes, as she already demonstrates a natural mother’s instinct with her nieces and nephews at home.

Gender: Female

Height: 24''

Weight: 47 Lbs

Date of Birth: 16.12.2013 (6 y/o)


Delilah is a black F1b female Goldendoodle with shades of brown in her coat who is the first dog in our family to give birth to a litter of puppies. She is the oldest of our adult dogs, and is an absolutely gorgeous example of how an F1b Goldendoodle should look and act.  She is extremely physically fit, a star swimmer, loves to run and play fetch, and has a very lean, athletic build. Delilah is a wonderful mother to her puppies, and is highly intelligent. She is very obedient and friendly with all dogs and humans who she meets.

Delilah was brought to our home from a top of the line breeder, and is registered with a CKC non-purebred pedigree in addition to being a member of the AKC Canine Partners program. She is a fantastic dog with an even temperament and affectionate personality. 

Delilah is a superb household companion who is always eager to please and likes to show off her skills catching the tennis ball.

Gender: Male

Height: 27''

Weight: 75 Lbs

Date of Birth: 14.02.2016 (4 y/o)


Oliver is a brindle Goldendoodle F1B. He is 75lbs, beautiful disposition, loves to swim and hike. 

Gender: Male

Height: 27''

Weight: 85 Lbs

Date of Birth: 15.02.2018 (2 y/o)


Theadore is an F1B goldenddodle stad. He is 27 inches and 85 lbs.